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Month: March 2022

MYCORRHIZAE (Myco = fungus Rhiza = root)

Fact Sheet 01-29 MYCORRHIZAE (Myco = fungus Rhiza = root) Angela M. O’Callaghan, Ph.D. Southern Area Social Horticulture Specialist  When plants live in challenging locations, they often develop mechanisms to help them survive. These include morphological characteristics such as thickened, small or narrow leaves to reduce water loss, slowing the plant’s growth rate, or developing […]


Mycorrhizae Mycorrhizae play an important role in plant nutrition. Because they are unseen, they are often disregarded when it comes to deciding upon a cause for decline in a particular planting. Just what are mycorrhizae and why are they so important in plant production? Ectomycorrhizal roots of Picea abies (photo by H. Blaschke). The word “mycorrhiza” means […]

The Care and Feeding of Soil Microbes

Soil microbes, or microorganisms, are the mediators that convert the bigger organic pieces, such as plant matter, insect skeletons and worm castings, into the ammonium and phosphate that the plants can take up and use. “Soil is a living being, and it’s filled with microenvironments and niches,” said Kate Scow, UC Davis Professor of Soil […]

Mycorrhizal Fungi Have Benefits in Agriculture

Researchers who are exploring this relationship are finding that mycorrhizal fungi are a vital part of ecosystem health around the world—not only in less intensively managed ecosystems but in agricultural landscapes as well. Mycorrhizal Fungi Mycorrhizal fungi colonize the root system of a host plant to form a symbiotic relationship and assist with water and […]

Penergetic P and K

The Natural BioTechonology!: Penergetic means energetically programmed. Penergetic P Plant Growth/Development Penergetic P for Plants Applied to seeds, foliar applied, mixed in soil, incorporated with fertilizer or watered in.   Penergetic K Soil Activation Penergetic K for soil Mixed in soil, incorporated with fertilizer, side dressed, top dressed or watered-in.